My current services include:

- Consultations, legal research, advice and support on international human rights law issues. I have particular interests in advancing economic and social rights for marginalized people and in humanitarian-based claims supported by the right to truth, especially in relation to missing persons. I did extensive research on the right to truth for my recent master's degree in International Human Rights Law.

- Through the United Nations Volunteer Programme I offer free online advice and assistance for human development programmes run by non-profit NGOs, public institutions, United Nations agencies and civil society organizations worldwide.

The above services grew incrementally from my background in legal protection for refugees, trafficked women, migrants and others in need of protection whom I represented for:

- Refugee hearings

- Overseas refugee sponsorships and resettlement

- Citizenship claims for abandoned children in Canada

- Arrests, detention and border issues

- Deportation and admissibility hearings

- Federal Court judicial reviews

- Humanitarian & compassionate applications

- Sanctuary

- Immigration appeals

- Family reunification

During the first few years of my career I handled criminal law matters within my own practice and at the Public Prosecutor's Office, Attorney General of British Columbia:

- Extraditions

- Prosecutions

- Criminal defence


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